The International Day Trading Academy was incepted in September 2013 on the Gold Coast to service traders around Australia initially. At (IDTA) our philosophy is simple.

Purpose of IDTA is to provide all our clients the opportunity to become competent profitable traders, who will be able to take advantage of any financial market they choose, each and every single trading day.

Passion of IDTA is to educate others to understand the potential that well executed trading practices can provide cash flow and significant capital gain.

The IDTA pathway has been strategically planned and developed by Lachlan and Cameron to service the high demand of traditional and non-traditional Traders who are seeking better systems, a higher level of integrity from their trading coaches and genuine measurable support. As the economic and global transitions have pushed the boundaries of traditional trading opportunities, IDTA has responded to the clients demand for Financial Education by providing real coaching with positive results that result in profitable pathways to success.

We believe that they are one of the fastest growing innovative trading academies in Australia, with the most advanced trading mentors. They teach you how to work with 1 highly effective strategy trading into 70 different markets. The academy offers you an excellent foundation of information to start building your trading business, a multitude of mentors to choose from who are teaching superior education, we have live and online programs to help you understand the information and fully implement it in the trading market. As well as online support, emails, webinars, a chat room where successful traders using the same methods can interact and help each other all at an affordable start up cost, so we can get you’re trading started immediately.

IDTA have specific strategies which work in the Day Trading industry using future contracts. We ultimately teach you to trade these contracts in the trading market in a basic day, where you enter and leave the market in reasonably quick timeframe. (approx 5mins).

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Cameron Buchanan

Cameron Buchanan is a Founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy Company. He is known to their trading students as Cam the trading mentor and Live Trading Room Moderator and Professional Trader. Cam is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher.

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Kelly Lowry

Kelly Lowry – IDTA General Manager and Shareholder, Business, Property and Mindset Strategist and Developer, Beyond Capital Asset Manager Adviser, Futurist, Social and Responsible Entrepreneur. Kelly is a longer term stock trader, and has accumulated a stock portfolio of blue chip style shares.