The International Day Trading Academy was incepted in September 2013 on the Gold Coast to service traders around Australia initially. At (IDTA) our philosophy is simple.

Purpose of IDTA is to provide all our clients the opportunity to become competent profitable traders, who will be able to take advantage of any financial market they choose, each and every single trading day.

Passion of IDTA is to educate others to understand the potential that well executed trading practices can provide cash flow and significant capital gain.

The IDTA pathway has been strategically planned and developed by Lachlan and Cameron to service the high demand of traditional and non-traditional Traders who are seeking better systems, a higher level of integrity from their trading coaches and genuine measurable support. As the economic and global transitions have pushed the boundaries of traditional trading opportunities, IDTA has responded to the clients demand for Financial Education by providing real coaching with positive results that result in profitable pathways to success.

We believe that they are one of the fastest growing innovative trading academies in Australia, with the most advanced trading mentors. They teach you how to work with 1 highly effective strategy trading into 70 different markets. The academy offers you an excellent foundation of information to start building your trading business, a multitude of mentors to choose from who are teaching superior education, we have live and online programs to help you understand the information and fully implement it in the trading market. As well as online support, emails, webinars, a chat room where successful traders using the same methods can interact and help each other all at an affordable start up cost, so we can get you’re trading started immediately.

IDTA have specific strategies which work in the Day Trading industry using future contracts. We ultimately teach you to trade these contracts in the trading market in a basic day, where you enter and leave the market in reasonably quick timeframe. (approx 5mins).

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Cameron Buchanan

Cameron Buchanan is a Founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy Company. He is known to their trading students as Cam the trading mentor and Live Trading Room Moderator and Professional Trader. Cam is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher.

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Kelly Lowry

Kelly Lowry – IDTA General Manager and Shareholder, Business, Property and Mindset Strategist and Developer, Beyond Capital Asset Manager Adviser, Futurist, Social and Responsible Entrepreneur. Kelly is a longer term stock trader, and has accumulated a stock portfolio of blue chip style shares.

bcamBeyond Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd (BCAM) is an Australian Financial Services Licensed, privately held financial services company (AFSL 484045).

We offer fully managed investments to our clients throughout Australian and New Zealand. Who seek to gain access to exclusive alternative investment opportunities on global equity markets & secured Australian property & development projects.

We provide access to innovative and institutional grade investment products, creating essential diversification across your investment portfolio. Our main focus is to strive to achieve superior and constant returns, which are completely hands free, while ensuring transparency and peace of mind to our community of clients and investors. Another added benefit is our profit performance partnership, which means our clients and our company’s financial interests are fully aligned, creating the all-important win-win relationship which transcends beyond simply making money.

Investment Selection Type:
MDA Investments: Managed Discretionary Accounts. Full ownership and control of your
investments, professionally managed investment portfolio and the knowledge our investment

MIS Property Fund: Managed Investment Scheme. Fully managed Fractional property &
development opportunities, ASIC registered MIS via Domacom (ASX Listed Co.). Increased
diversification and higher exposure to a multitude of property types within high value add

bcappBeyond Capital Australian Property Projects Pty Ltd (BCAPP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beyond Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 484045).

Our expertise is in creating and offering exclusive investment opportunities through land development & new construction projects throughout Australia. Our clients gain the benefits of our expertise in both residential and commercial property, diversifying into both sectors by taking the position of the developer via fractional ownership within a solid investment structure.

Land Subdivision & Development: Take the position of the developer with the added benefit of a completely hands free experience and investing via a fractional ownership model, giving you increased opportunity to diversify with multiple projects. Stay fully informed, with your personal and passcode protected investor portal which updates you on every step of the development process.

Fractional Commercial Ownership: Create an instant property portfolio, without the need for bank loans or investing large amounts of your time and money. With our fully managed Fractional ownership offerings you will be able to leverage of not only our expertise and time, but the power of our ever growing community of investors, who look to invest into a wide range of high value projects in growth areas throughout Australia. In most cases there is a master plan behind the purchase of the property, which involves the future  development of the asset with a DA approval. As a general rule of thumb which results in sizable uplift in the return of investment on each project.

Our long term goal is to offer consistently high calibre projects which flow from one property acquisition to the next, giving our clients the option to reinvest and look to benefit from the 2C`s (consistency & Compounding).


One of our major Pro Partner is Precision Taxation Accounting & Management: Small Business Accountants for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

As an accounting firm serving Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, at Precision, our small business accountants are experienced and qualified, dedicated to helping our clients reach their personal and professional taxation and accounting goals.

They work with progressive small to medium businesses and individuals who aspire to have and be more than they do now. They are specialised in working with the building and construction industry.

If you are struggling to make sense of what your accountant and bookkeeper are telling you, they will tell you in a no-nonsense straightforward style. They don’t sugar coat it, we tell it like it is. In the Defence Force, they would call it a “no shitter”.

Working with us you will join in a conversation that will include honest, knowledgeable and professional advice in a style you will understand. This, in turn, helps you achieve your goals professionally and personally.

They will listen, they will work with you and not just for you to make things happen.

They aim to be our clients most trusted advisor. They help our clients reach their goals professionally and personally. When our clients have success we consider it our success. They don’t consider ourselves to be your typical accounting firm. Sure they “crunch numbers” and they are part “geekazoid” but we believe in taking our clients business into the cloud where they help it to prosper.

I have personally known these guys for a long time and am always impressed by their level of professionalism and systematic approach to property investment.

These guys really do take it to another level with market research and turnkey solution to property investment. Path to Prosperity makes the process seamless and time efficient, placing you in the best position to maximise your growth and progression whilst offering access to the best deals that will be specific to your goals.

Ausure Newcastle make the ins and outs of insurance streamlined and super effective with a major
focus on advice, perspective, experience and customer service that is second to none. The
approachable, contactable and hardworking team are at the forefront of this their aspect of the
industry specialising in small to medium business setup, protection and longevity.
Personally knowing the Managing Director of this business for many years, I have seen first-hand
that their values, beliefs and philosophies align perfectly with Path to Prosperity and am thrilled to
have them as a professional partner.

Jacqui Whiteford is a Professional Leadership and Cultural Change Coach and Mentor, speaker, wife and mother to two young girls.

Jacqui has spent her life being intrigued by human behaviour, spending her time reading, learning and attending many self-development programs, conferences and workshop to fulfil her ambitions.
She is proof that having invested in herself assisted by her own personal and business coaches and mentors that she has been able to reach her personal, and career objectives.

Jacqui whiteford bio picJacqui has worked in sales from a very young age starting in her family business and has over 24 years with a major leading financial company where she looked after clients and assisted them reach
their financial goals. The last 8 of those years was with the ultra-high net worth individuals like Lawyers, Medical Specialist, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, CEO, CFO and many Company Directors.

Being able to understand our behaviours and the What Why and How we do things is one of her biggest passions. To assist individuals, businesses, companies and teams to work more efficiently, be more productively and get greater results both in their personal and professional lives is where Jacqui performs at her best.

Jacqui has been guest speaker at small business events and has coached many individuals and assisted them achieve things they didn’t think were possible, helped overcome fears that where holding them back and enabled them to be the person they aspired to be in all areas of their life.

Testimonials “
Jacqui’s life coaching knowledge is exceptional and also gave me the confidence to pursue career
options that I hadn’t considered before. I am thankful to Jacqui for helping to turn my situation
around and I feel like I’m finally where I need to be in life”

Jacqui’s qualifications include:-
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning
Certified Level I & II Practitioner & Profiler of Meta Dynamics
Certified Level III Practitioner & Facilitator of Meta Dynamics
Extended DISC Accredited Level II consultant.
Associate Member of the International Coach Guild
Member of Thought Dynamics
Trainer of Coaching certified in How to Run a Successful Workshop
Analysing and Interpretation of Financial Statements
Diploma of Financial Planning 1-4
Time Management
Coping with change
Problem Solving
Effective Leadership
Workplace Representatives One
Workplace Representatives Two (Advanced)
Negotiating Skills and Workplace Reform
Cohen Brown Sales Training

Do you focus or specialise in Property Law?
Asking your lawyer this simple question can be the difference between a stress free legal process and protracted court proceedings. Ensure your lawyer is focused and passionate about property law and not just a lawyer who has done some property law in the past.

Chad Penfold has experience in all areas of property law and thoroughly enjoys the process driven nature of the work. “There is no better feeling than seeing a first home buyer purchase their first house or a developer
complete a subdivision they have visualised for years… this feeling is what keeps me motivated.”

Choosing the right lawyer for your particular needs is vitally important to the success of any property investment.

All property lawyers are lawyers but not all lawyers are property lawyers.