I grew up in Newcastle as an only child, split ,family and raised predominantly by my mum Kerrie-Maree.

I had a great upbringing with parents that loved me and always gave me every opportunity possible. I excelled at sport from a young age and to be honest, sport was the only thing keeping me at school. I would play every sport I possibly could just in the hope of getting a day off at some stage that term.

daniel JohnsonI never really liked school and remember from a young age, questioning the relevance of what we were being taught. When it came to senior high and having to choose a path that I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. Especially, with all those life skills and experience which had me in a position to make such an important decision, haha.

The element that played a huge role in that process, was the input of my parents. Both of which had a university backgrounds. So that fact, coupled with the paradigm we live in which says going to university, getting into huge debt from an outdated and in many cases irrelevant system is the only path to success and a respected career/job, going to uni was option 1, 2 and 3. However, due to me always loving working with my hands and physical labour, I also started working 3-4 days a week around my Uni schedule with my uncle who had a small business as a wall and floor tiler. I had done quite a bit of tiling throughout school and was drawn to the construction industry.

Before long I was really not feeling Uni and realised my calling was in the building/construction industry. I looked for another way. I decided to transfer my degree to construction management and did it through distance learning which would ultimately give me more real world experience in the industry, while also keeping my parents happy.

It didn’t take long to work out the system was broken for me and what I wanted in life. I was working on a wide range of sites, from commercial to residential, seeing project managers working huge hours, stressed to the eyeballs, no real world experience, therefore, no respect from the trades, and in a lot of cases getting paid less than the qualified tradesman running their own show. So after one year I left uni and pursued my trade full time. I got skills assessed and eventually started my own small sole trader business. But here’s the catch, none of the education I had undertaken prepared me for running my own business.

It was around that time that my love for property began. One main thing I thank my mum for was instilling the value of developing a property portfolio and at the very least have a productive channel to out my hard earned money, especially during those early 20’s years
where it is real easy to burn all you earn on pointless shit. I worked hard and got into the market at a good time and started renovating my house. Though, this was difficult due to the inconsistency of income when running your own newly formed business.

The stresses of scheduling, chasing money and employing (or even finding good people) caught up with me. I took a job in mining construction as a mechanical rigger.

This turned out to be a catch 22 as I finally had good consistent income which was ideal for funding the renovation on my house, however, I then become ‘poor’ on a different level. Time and lifestyle poor. It was at this point I began to see that no matter the situation, unless you have a holistic strategy and clearly defined purpose, you will always face similar issues.

Working drive in drive out for the next few years working at different construction sites throughout the Hunter Valley and Central Coast, at mining and power stations, took a toll on all areas of my life until I made the decision to regain my lifestyle and have another crack at
working for myself.

In that time I had educated myself to a level that gave me confidence in running my own business. I surrounded myself a good accountant and some personal mentors and put together a wealth strategy.

I continued moving forward, making inroads at my property and had plenty of work. Though, I still had the struggles of chasing money and I was running myself into the ground physically, mentally and emotionally. Burning the candle at both ends.

An opportunity arose back in the mining industry in the operations department at a coal loader and I took a job working day shift 4 on 3 off which eventually led to a 4 on 4 off roster with wat I thought at the time was good income. So consistent income, plenty of time off for
my house and working close to home. Sounds great right…???

It started off well, but after a few months I experienced a different version of ‘poor’. I was poor on a fulfilment level. The mundane monotony of the job got to me. I didn’t know how much longer I could do something like this, let alone accept working there for the next 40

This feeling in my gut had a life changing and very interesting impact on my life as I believe it was the catalyst to a chain of events that severely impacted my life, those close to me ultimately my future.

So, with what seemed from an external perspective to have all the boxes ticked, good job, house, good lifestyle, an investment property under construction, I realised now the inner game surpasses all aspects of life.

Upon hindsight, I see the major lack of fulfillment, a feeling of being trapped, stagnant, thinking there had to be more to life than this,  consumed me. I had achieved what the paradigm and social conditioning had led me to believe would make me happy. But, there
was a ever increasing gap. It certainly wasn’t a simple, “this is the problem, now time to fix it and start living a prosperous life.” There was a significant and wild transition time from, “this can’t be all life is about,” to, “there is a better way to get the life I dreamed of.”

This beautiful and very interesting learning curve led me to make some extremely poor choices and surround myself the wrong people, who didn’t support my overarching goals, moving me further and further away from where I wanted to be. Put it this way, the saying, ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn,’ and, ‘winter always comes before spring,’ was more accurate than I ever could have imagined.

The events of that period of my life became a huge catalyst for growth and progression. I began designing my life and living it the way I wanted for my son and myself. I immersed myself in knowledge and surrounded myself with people I looked up to, valued and respected. I took my new skills, combined them with my existing experience and knowledge and dove into purpose.

From there I started two business’s, scaled, grew and systemised my trade business. I flipped a property allowing me to open an overseas investment business geared to deliver passive income. I networked hard, failed harder. The failures hurt, though served as the best
education possible and served as foundational blocks for my future ventures.

Having my son almost full time after a separation only made me more determined to live life by my terms. I wanted the little things, the important things. Being able to drop him at school and pick him up every day. Going surfing after school and on weekends, camping at the
drop of a hat and not missing any of his football games. The aspects of life that the 80 year old version of myself would be proud to look back on.

I had spent a lot of time throughout my journey as a personal trainer and then coach as I had developed an intrinsic drive to assist people getting what they want through helping them unpack and peel back layers of their life and mindset that had been holding them back from
attaining fulfilment and life goals in the past. Pulling apart and processing why people and I do what we do, fascinated me. I craved a bigger platform. A way to impact more people.

I began analysing my past, exposing gaps in the industries I have been in. This is where my current project began to take shape. If I said it was a smooth, simple and straight forward path to where it is today, I would be lying through my teeth. The accurate way to put it would be to say it was a two year journey of stops and starts, hills and hollows, swings and roundabouts. Constant organic evolution and adjustments in vision and direction. The benefits stretched through all aspects of my life which was the key indicator that I was on the right path. I met the woman of my dreams who loved, accepted and adored my son as my
own, my health and fitness flourished and I regained my love of the outdoors through my gorgeous fiancé guidance. On a professional front, I sifted through professionals in all aspects to finally have a program that is underlined with integrity, value, honesty and results.
A holistic place where people can change/adjust their lives in all areas to get what they desire. Something that I am proud to experience with my beautiful fiancé and amazing son. Something that I live and breathe and makes me jump out of bed in the morning.