JSA Financial Planning Group was established 1976 in Newcastle, NSW. Today it helps clients across Australia, across all ages and across all circumstances. JSA prides itself on providing comprehensive and holistic advice to its clients. 


As JSA Financial Adviser, Andrew Shakespeare explains:

Traditionally people have seen the need for Financial Advice as only suitable for someone with monies to invest and/or needing to protect their personal risks through insurance. But the financial advice we provide is much broader than this; and should be.

Portfolio management and managing someone’s risks only makes up part of a client’s overall needs. For instance my clients might also need help managing their day-to-day cash flow, or just want clarity that they have accumulated enough for retirement, or want to know what options they have in funding say a car, or want to know the ins and outs of property investing. In fact to meet a client’s goals we might find that investing entails paying down existing debt, investing in themselves through further education, investing in their own business and then of course it could be through the more traditional avenues of shares, property, cash and term deposits.

My role is to effectively put myself into the client’s shoes, guide them on the possible strategies and scenarios that they should consider and do what I can to achieve their goals over time.

Our Financial Advisers provide specialist, practical advice on a wide range of wealth accumulation strategies. These include providing advice on: