Jacqui Whiteford is a Professional Leadership and Cultural Change Coach and Mentor, speaker, wife and mother to two young girls.

Jacqui has spent her life being intrigued by human behaviour, spending her time reading, learning and attending many self-development programs, conferences and workshop to fulfil her ambitions.
She is proof that having invested in herself assisted by her own personal and business coaches and mentors that she has been able to reach her personal, and career objectives.

Jacqui whiteford bio picJacqui has worked in sales from a very young age starting in her family business and has over 24 years with a major leading financial company where she looked after clients and assisted them reach
their financial goals. The last 8 of those years was with the ultra-high net worth individuals like Lawyers, Medical Specialist, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, CEO, CFO and many Company Directors.

Being able to understand our behaviours and the What Why and How we do things is one of her biggest passions. To assist individuals, businesses, companies and teams to work more efficiently, be more productively and get greater results both in their personal and professional lives is where Jacqui performs at her best.

Jacqui has been guest speaker at small business events and has coached many individuals and assisted them achieve things they didn’t think were possible, helped overcome fears that where holding them back and enabled them to be the person they aspired to be in all areas of their life.

Testimonials “
Jacqui’s life coaching knowledge is exceptional and also gave me the confidence to pursue career
options that I hadn’t considered before. I am thankful to Jacqui for helping to turn my situation
around and I feel like I’m finally where I need to be in life”

Jacqui’s qualifications include:-
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-patterning
Certified Level I & II Practitioner & Profiler of Meta Dynamics
Certified Level III Practitioner & Facilitator of Meta Dynamics
Extended DISC Accredited Level II consultant.
Associate Member of the International Coach Guild
Member of Thought Dynamics
Trainer of Coaching certified in How to Run a Successful Workshop
Analysing and Interpretation of Financial Statements
Diploma of Financial Planning 1-4
Time Management
Coping with change
Problem Solving
Effective Leadership
Workplace Representatives One
Workplace Representatives Two (Advanced)
Negotiating Skills and Workplace Reform
Cohen Brown Sales Training