bcappBeyond Capital Australian Property Projects Pty Ltd (BCAPP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beyond Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd (AFSL 484045).

Our expertise is in creating and offering exclusive investment opportunities through land development & new construction projects throughout Australia. Our clients gain the benefits of our expertise in both residential and commercial property, diversifying into both sectors by taking the position of the developer via fractional ownership within a solid investment structure.

Land Subdivision & Development: Take the position of the developer with the added benefit of a completely hands free experience and investing via a fractional ownership model, giving you increased opportunity to diversify with multiple projects. Stay fully informed, with your personal and passcode protected investor portal which updates you on every step of the development process.

Fractional Commercial Ownership: Create an instant property portfolio, without the need for bank loans or investing large amounts of your time and money. With our fully managed Fractional ownership offerings you will be able to leverage of not only our expertise and time, but the power of our ever growing community of investors, who look to invest into a wide range of high value projects in growth areas throughout Australia. In most cases there is a master plan behind the purchase of the property, which involves the futureĀ  development of the asset with a DA approval. As a general rule of thumb which results in sizable uplift in the return of investment on each project.

Our long term goal is to offer consistently high calibre projects which flow from one property acquisition to the next, giving our clients the option to reinvest and look to benefit from the 2C`s (consistency & Compounding).