bcamBeyond Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd (BCAM) is an Australian Financial Services Licensed, privately held financial services company (AFSL 484045).

We offer fully managed investments to our clients throughout Australian and New Zealand. Who seek to gain access to exclusive alternative investment opportunities on global equity markets & secured Australian property & development projects.

We provide access to innovative and institutional grade investment products, creating essential diversification across your investment portfolio. Our main focus is to strive to achieve superior and constant returns, which are completely hands free, while ensuring transparency and peace of mind to our community of clients and investors. Another added benefit is our profit performance partnership, which means our clients and our company’s financial interests are fully aligned, creating the all-important win-win relationship which transcends beyond simply making money.

Investment Selection Type:
MDA Investments: Managed Discretionary Accounts. Full ownership and control of your
investments, professionally managed investment portfolio and the knowledge our investment

MIS Property Fund: Managed Investment Scheme. Fully managed Fractional property &
development opportunities, ASIC registered MIS via Domacom (ASX Listed Co.). Increased
diversification and higher exposure to a multitude of property types within high value add